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    Respiratory Therapy

    The scope of IMH respiratory staff includes critical thinking, training in respiratory care, and life support. Our Respiratory Therapists perform skilled diagnostic tests and administer treatments with proper documentation.

    Skilled Modalities in:
    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Assist in Intubation
    Mechanical Ventilation: Ventilators/Avaps/Bipap/Cpap Management
    Arterial Puncture and Blood Gas Analysis
    Acute Respiratory Care: Communicating effectively with Physicians, Patient Assessment and Monitoring
    Breathing Treatments, Humidity-Aerosol Therapy, Oxygen Therapy
    Performs EKG's
    Pulmonary Drainage Procedures: Postural Drainage with Percussion by Hand or Pneumatic Percussor
    Diagnostic Tests: Pulmonary Function Test, Peak Flows, Incentive Spirometer
    "Part of the Code/Rapid ResponseTeam"

    Our Respiratory team has invested a total of 55 years towards IMH.