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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

The growing demand for MRI services is due in large part to the increasing versatility of the equipment and high-resolution images that allow physicians to pinpoint brain lesions, detect circulatory problems, and identify other problems in the body. Invented by Raymond Damadian, the first MRI equipment was put into use in the 1980s, revolutionizing the field of diagnostic medicine.

Unlike the CAT scan, which uses X-rays to identify tissue density, magnetic resonance imaging uses magnetism and radio waves to "scan" the water content of tissue in a particular part of the body, then produces clear, 3-D pictures of the area. Tissues and organs have distinct water contents that can be changed by diseases. These changes are detected by MRI, helping physicians with early diagnosis of a variety of neurological (brain and nervous system) disorders, musculoskeletal problems, and cancer and organ disease.

Iroquois Memorial Hospital offers several different examinations to be performed by registered technologists, and is pleased to announce that the department is currently ACR Accredited.

Please call 815-432-7727 for more information on (CT Scan, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, MRI, Ultrasound) and Centralized Scheduling at 815-432-7733 to schedule appointments.