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The Key to Independence and Security

Lifeline is a personal response system that is especially designed to summon help in the event of an emergency. With the simple touch of a portable help button that weighs just a few ounces, emergency help can be on the way.

With Lifeline, you don't have to worry about being able to get to a telephone if you fall or have a sudden illness. By pushing a portable button, our Response Center knows exactly who needs help and their location. A great feature of Lifeline is our ability to speak directly with the individual over a speaker in their house. This enables our staff to quickly determine how serious the situation is.

In some cases we'll need to call for an ambulance, in less serious instances, we'll simply have a designated responder go to the house and assist the person.

IMH's Lifeline program has over 200 subscribers from more than 25 communities in a two state, four county area. The Lifeline Response Center, which is located in the Emergency Department at the Hospital, answers almost 2000 Lifeline emergencies annually.

To sign-up for Lifeline service or to learn more about it, call Iroquois Home Care, Inc. at 815-432-6155 or stop in at the Iroquois Regional Health Center at 200 N. Laird Lane in Watseka or email info@iroquoishomecare.com.

The Most Common Lifeline Emergencies

Heart Attack
Shortness of Breath
Diabetes Related Problems
Other Medical Illnesses
Environmental Emergencies